Per-item insurance in a snap📷⏱️

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  • How it works

    Cover what you love, pay for nothing else

    1 - Get the App

    No paperwork, No calls

    Quote, insure, claim, cancel, redeem rewards & chat to support all in-app at anytime!

    2 - Take a Snap

    Pay Per-item

    Insure your new or old phone, laptop, camera, bicycle, etc... in under 60 seconds!

    3 - Relax

    Comprehensive Coverage

    Cover your valuables against Theft, Loss & damage. When 💩 happens - you get paid out.

  • Traverse insurance App

    Why Traverse?

    ⏱️ Get insured in under a minute

    💸 Insure single items from $1 /mo

    👌 Cancel anytime, seriously!

    🎁 Earn gift cards with challenges


    💪 Backed by Travelers Insurance


    Currently available in Texas only